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Direct Workforce Recruitment Solutions

RPO Solution Competencies

Our RPO solution can include one or all of these recruiting processes based on your specific business needs :

  • Workforce Planning

  • Job description creation and or refinement

  • Recruitment marketing through tactical position sourcing strategies

  • Resume screening and tracking

  • Interviewing the candidate in entirety (technically, behaviourally and culturally)

  • Assessment administration

  • Certification verification and testing

  • Interview coordination

  • Reference and background screening

  • Offer management

  • On-boarding

Every company is unique and, as such, they demand a unique approach to finding, engaging and retaining quality talent.

Defined RPO Models

From augmenting your current internal recruiting teams with one or more RPO professionals to outsourcing your entire recruiting process to our organization, we offer a variety of scalable solution models that provide you with the ability to meet your dynamic business objectives including:
Complete RPO : Management of the entire recruiting process.
Component RPO : Management of distinct recruiting processes within your organization like, sourcing, screening, assessments, and recruitment process coordination.
Project RPO : Management of the entire recruiting process, with short-term goals.


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