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Executive Search

Executive Search is the most thorough methodology for securing suitable professionals from the external market. This process is not limited to talent that is actively looking to change jobs, but also includes suitable professionals who would need to be headhunted for a potential career change.

Our Executive Search methodology involves a three pronged process. The first step is to approach our existing network of qualified professionals with whom we have strong long-term relationships. We then supplement this with the proactive identification of other relevant talent. And finally, we also advertise roles on social media including our website and within our regular market updates. This third step alone reaches 20000+ senior professionals across the country

This methodology combines a conventional Executive Search approach with the leverage of our long-term relationships across professional communities. We are able to quickly and efficiently identify suitable talent in all industries, and on local, regional and international levels. This allows us to deliver shortlists rapidly, and our time-to-fill is often less than half of that taken by top generalist search firms.


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