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Onsite Human Resource Function Management

Managing your business and various HR administrative functions that support your business can be an arduous task. It also entails several hidden costs and statutory compliance risks that are not apparent immediately. Developing efficiency and expertise in various HR processes requires time, resources and money. Efforts to create and sustain reliable in-house HR processes take your focus away from your core business.

We at Entovie understand this. This is one reason why our onsite HR function management has received great acclaim. We build and manage your HR function on your site. We deploy our team to work hand in hand with your organization and help you achieve the HR advantage.

This model of HR management has many advantages. Firstly, the cost towards HR management is reduced in Half, resulting in direct savings. Secondly, HR becomes an independent cost centre where data management and date integrity is uncompromised. This backed by our teams expertise ensures that your organization is ready to accelerate and increase revenues without the burden or worry of HR behind it.

By assuming or sharing many of the responsibilities associated with being an employer, including administrative paperwork and HR responsibilities, Entovie becomes your one-stop HR department. Focus on your core business. Allow us to partner with you and help you propel your business to the next level.


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