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Project Based Recruitment Solutions

For most modern corporations, the prevailing business environment necessitates an exceeding reliance on smart solutions to meet their diverse staffing needs. Consequently, and in keeping with savvy financial logic, corporations might find it redundant to hire full time staff if their expertise is only required for short term project(s). Put simply, it pays to contract out staff whose services may be needed only for specific short term/ one time engagement(s).
While industry jargon for this practice might differ - contract staffing, project-based staffing, staff augmentation, temporary staffing etc, the essence largely remains the same. In this, ENTOVIE STAFFING, by virtue of its knowledge pool and experiential bandwidth, enables its clients to pick from a range of options. If you are looking for time bound solutions in any of the aforementioned areas, we may be your "one stop shop".

By choosing to partner with ENTOVIE STAFFING, our clients are able to leverage on a vast and robust network of industry practitioners with experience, knowledge and education relevant to their project needs. An added benefit of partnership is that it frees up your bandwidth and ensures more productive use of your time, i.e. we handle all manpower and operational costs associated with contractors/ vendors and end to end recruitment, thus allowing you more time to focus on the project and your core business.


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